Need more information?

We have provided answers to common questions below, and can be reached directly with other questions here.

Q: I didn’t find the image I want. Are there other photographs available besides those on this website?E

A: Yes the images featured here are about one-tenth of the photos available in our offices. Please contact us with your needs and we will do our best to meet them.

Q: I don’t see a purchase button on the image I would like to buy as a print or use for a commercial project.

A: If the image you are interested in is not available for online purchase please contact us at ++610-223-5240 or by email and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Q: Will my gallery print look exactly like the image on my computer screen?

A: Every single photographic print made from a slide is unique. Though prints may be similar and almost exact there is always the possibility of variation in color tone and contrast between prints. Second the colors displayed on your screen may be different from the original slide mainly in terms of shade because there is variation in the color calibration of computer screens. When ordering a print please keep these variables in mind.

Q: Is satisfaction guaranteed?

A: Prints ordered online through this website are automatically fulfilled through selected vendors. If you are dissatisfied upon receiving your print or poster, please return the merchandise with verification of purchase and a description of why you are not satisfied. We will either reprint the photograph or refund you your money, depending on whether the problem can be resolved and what you as the client desire.

Q: Can I order a print in a different size?

A: Yes, you may order a smaller or larger print than the options that we offer in the online checkout. To arrange for a large-format print or odd size, please contact us directly.

Q: Can I order a framed print?

A: Due to difficulties in shipping framed prints we do not offer this option to most clients. We make exceptions for corporate clients in the Central Pennsylvania area that order five prints or more.

Q: Do you have a location where I can come and make a selection personally?

A: Currently this website is our main storefront but Blair Seitz’s photography is periodically shown in Pennsylvania galleries. His work is always on display at Art Plus Gallery at 604 Penn Avenue in West Reading Pennsylvania. Please check our home page for postings about current and upcoming gallery showings.

Q: Do I have to use your design services if I want to lease an image for commercial use?

A: We have teamed up with Seitz Communications to offer cost-effective one-stop services for those seeking to publish Blair Seitz images in an ad, brochure, large-format print or wallpaper – items that require some design. Blair Seitz images can also be leased separately and prepared elsewhere directly online or from our offices.