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Photographer Blair Seitz fell in love with his home state of Pennsylvania—a treasure of endless mountains, waterfalls, wildlife, scenic farm landscapes, historic places and, yes, the great cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. After a decade of photojournalism in Africa and Asia, he camped throughout the state, hiked its beautiful parks, and even risked falling from rock outcrops while photographing rappelers.

Many of Blair’s photos of PA now hang as artwork in hospitals, banks, offices, and homes. They portray every nook and cranny of the state, including PA historic sites, rural towns, and farmland vistas that cannot be found at photo agencies. He has a large collection of Amish photos, a result of close family ties and established trust. Come along on Blair’s travels—recorded here on his blog, through his books, and in his beautiful pictures.

Pennsylvania Galleries

Your favorite scenes of Pennsylvania curated in easy-to-browse galleries.

Fine Art Photography

A curated gallery of images suited for your office or home decor

The Amish

Photos of the Amish from Blair Seitz’s published books


The city of Philadelphia in photos


The city of Pittsburgh in photos

Pennsylvania Nature

Pennsylvania’s beautiful parks and outdoors

Pennsylvania’s Capitol

Harrisburg’s stunning capitol in photos


Land of chocolate, amusement and classic cars

Jim Thorpe

Favorite photos of this northern PA town

Pittsburgh Skylines

Panoramas of the Gateway to the West

Philadelphia Skylines

The City of Love at sunrise and sundown


Civil war reenactments in pohotos

Outdoor Recreation

Sports and the great outdoors

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Photographer, author and publisher Blair Seitz has seen his vivid and expressive images used in hundreds of national and international publications, and hung on the walls of some of the most prestigious companies.


Photography tips from Blair Seitz

Amish child (boy) and cat, portrait on farm, Lancaster, PA ©Blair Seitz

Photographing the Amish with respect

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Aerial photos are wall decor at Geisinger hospital in Pennsylvania

Fine art photography makes great décor

Photography has greatly evolved since the 1950s, where unlike today’s millions of pixels per image, the first pixel pictures produced by Russell Kirsch only had 176 pixels across the entire[…]

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Capturing Stunning Bird Photos In Costa Rica

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