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America’s heritage—Amish, Eastern European, Italian, German, English, African, Hispanic, Middle Eastern—festivals, dance, arts and crafts, holidays, religious celebrations, historic places, urban scenes western U.S., andPA state capitol art and architecture.


Recreation—skiing, fishing, biking, boating, rock climbing, hiking, tenting —scenic locations, competitive sports, students, home life, children, teens, young adult, families and seniors, vacations, education, and everyday activities, all model released.


Scenic landscapes, Pennsylvania cities and towns, geographic features—valleys and mountain ridges, rivers, endless mountains—national and state parks, aerials , farmlands and forest, cityscapes, mountain and countryside landscapes, virgin forests, and travel attractions.


Asia—Laos, Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, historic China, Hong Kong—Africa, Southern France, Holy Land historic, Israel & Palestinian Territories, Costa Rica and more.


Medical—hospitals, doctors, nurses, handicapped, physical therapy etc.—business and industry, construction, education, professionals, communications, work places, farm and agriculture and more.


Mid-Atlantic U.S. wildflowers, autumn, winter, spring, summer seasons, sunrises and sunsets, Central American birds and flora, nature’s scenes, and Pennsylvania landscapes.

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