Photography tips

Choose backlight for landscapes

Do you want your landscape photos to appear 3-D? Do you want the greens of your grasslands to be richer? The way to go is to scrap the conventional “from over the shoulder” lighting and find landscapes which have the sunlight coming from behind the vista.

Outstanding close-up photography

Our aim is to make close-up photos so that the subjects are not confused with a busy background. We want the floral butterfly or bird to stand out from the background. The delineation from the background will help make the photograph artistically pleasing. For our purposes, the science of the flower’s stem and leaves, for…
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Taking fireworks photos

July 4th is a great time to make candid photographs of people because the community is usually preoccupied with enjoying food, the company of friends and relaxation while waiting for the big event – the fireworks. I revel in walking among groups and making photos of odd arrangements, unusual expressions, clothing or activity. In a…
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