Fine art photography makes great décor

Aerial photos are wall decor at Geisinger hospital in Pennsylvania

Photography has greatly evolved since the 1950s, where unlike today’s millions of pixels per image, the first pixel pictures produced by Russell Kirsch only had 176 pixels across the entire image. Along with photography, technology has greatly evolved with smartphones revolutionizing the photography industry as we know it.

Digital photography, particularly the smartphone’s capabilities, have made nearly everyone a photographer, taking pictures and sharing them immediately. Phones in the hands of amateurs have dramatically reduced the value of photographs made by professionals. 

Despite my initial reluctance to switch over to digital photography, the silver lining of the new paradigm for photographers and corporations is that digital printing has made art décor photographs long-lasting. They are used frequently by architects and interior designers as art décor, with photographs covering entire walls. Now, hospitals, banks, and other corporate buildings are frequently turning to the intimate impact of historic places and scenic views of their area. Patients or clients enjoy viewing the art of sites they recognize, giving visitors the feel of being at home.
This feeling is what continues to fuel my photography and I continuously strive to produce quality photographs capturing patients’ and clients’ interests. The illustration above shows how Geisinger Hospital in Danville, PA used my aerial photographs of the area as interior decor for the entrance corridor (eight twelve-foot-long murals) in their Advanced Medicine building.

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